Le Atilier de Duey Kingsley

401 Louisiana, Suite 103
Houston, TX 77002

ONE Duey Kingsley Couture is manufactured under the direction of Principle Designer Shawn Kingsley. The team of fine seamstresses constructs each garment individually in the ONE Lab with attention on the detail of providing its owner with an authentic “Haute Couture” article. Shawn Kingsley currently hosts a limited number of clients at Rick’s Bridal Lounge (Houston) which carries exclusively ONE DK Bridal Couture. “I am disappointed when I see mass manufactured apparel on the racks of finer stores with the tagline or logo that consists of the word COUTURE. It’s a false statement; couture in its intended state is not mass produced and primarily consists of hand sewing and details that are of the highest standards.

ODK Ready-to-Wear is the hybrid experiment of both Shawn and Greg and extends the designers reach to a larger percentage of the purchasing consumers. ODK is also available at finer boutiques and exclusively at the ONE Duey Kingsley on-line boutique. “Not only do we want to meet our client’s economic needs and purchase power but we want to exceed the quality of the product that is currently on the market,” Shawn Kingsley. ODK is just that, hybrid couture, a blend of the tradition of the finest construction with techniques that allow the manufacturer to produce at an affordable price point.

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